JULY 19th - SEPTEMBER 14th, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday July 19th, 5-9pm

The Pander Brothers first gallery art show in over a decade brings new works on velvet and metal that explore celebrity life and the environment. The sons of two fine artists, the Pander Brothers grew up in Portland’s alternative arts and theatre culture. They found their own creative voices in the underground art scene of the late 80’s. The sibling duo brought their subculture influences into the burgeoning alternative comics scene of the 90’s, and have worked in the popular arts for over 20 years. From their Eisner nominated artwork in graphic novels that include Grendel: Devil’s Legacy and Batman: City of Light, to their award winning motion picture Selfless, EDM, Indie rock music videos that have appeared on MTV, as well as various commercials, directing for major brands like adidas and Panasonic, the Pander Brothers have touched almost every aspect of pop culture. With this show, the brothers return to their fine art upbringing by injecting their pop art influences into a series of painting and photography works on velvet and metal titled“Fabrication/Corrosion”. Having spent the last few years living and working between Portland and Los Angeles, Fabrication/Corrosion sees the brothers sharing gallery walls with two different perspectives on a similar theme. Incorporating a combination of anthropological satire and oblique observation, the Panders explore the corrosive nature of a manufactured reality, using fabric and metal to support their depictions of a popular culture that, in its aspiration to reach a glorified ideal, is destined for impermanence.

Arnold Pander
Oils on VelvetContinuing his exploration of pop-culture icons depicted on velvet, Arnold Pander presents, “Fabrication”. Pander peels away the layers of celebrity life - from privacy, and self- destruction, to the line between beautification and self–mutilation. “Fabrication” addresses the media’s current obsession with the struggles of Lindsay Lohan, and fame addicted reality stars, like the Kardashians, while also capturing celebrities like Rihanna and Nicole Kidman in their most vulnerable state, revealing their humanity through humiliation. “I discovered that by painting these icons on velvet in their most memorable moment, the medium and subjects took on a deeper significance.” Arnold explains. Pander’s satirical illustration for Henry Rollins spoken word comics have been published in the pages of Details magazine and his latest graphic novel Tasty Bullet,which explored celebrity self-identity and the repercussions of fame. “Fabrication” also explores the obsession with self-image as represented in Pander’s depictions of extreme facial augmentation, where idealized beauty borders on the grotesque. Pander also reserves a place for a pop-surrealist celebration with the avant-garde’ assault of Lady Gaga to the sexual “shock-pop” of Miley Cyrus. “By canonizing these defining populist images on velvet as part of a new folk history,” Arnold continues, "the paintings are imbued with our own voyeuristic complicity.”

Jacob Pander
Digital Photography on MetalMinimalist composition and an oblique urban aesthetic is at the center of the new digital photography works by Jacob Pander, who takes aim at Los Angeles landscapes which provides a stark and sometimes oppressive setting for the shadows of Hollywood’s icons past and present. Boulevards are ravaged by the attrition of a consumer driven population and sun bleached billboards promote the next celebrity entertainment vehicle as well as yesterday's chic structures that decay in an unforgiving landscape. “Cities are in a constant state of moving toward ruin, necessitating continual reinvention.” Jacob explains, “I’m drawn toward architectural attempts to create visual order in the environment and how structures evolve in the landscape over time, leaving contemporary relics in their wake.” Pander’s depictions of L.A. are an extension of the spare sensibilities seen in his film work, including the award winning cult film The Operation that explores sex and technology in a futuristic copulation seen through the lens of thermal imaging technology. His feature film, Selfless, won best feature at the Bend Film Festival in 2009. The film immerses the viewer in the anesthetized ideal of minimalist architecture of the early 2000’s. Pander’s digital photography was selected for the Portland Visual Chronicle and for the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum. This new work, "Corrosion" reveals a landscape that lives, dies and is reborn everyday to perpetuate the possibility of attaining the elusive dream that so many seek in Hollywood.

The Pander Brothers
Jacob and Arnold Pander are a creative team who write and direct feature films, commercials and music videos. They also write and illustrate graphic novels. The brothers award winning feature film“Selfless” premiered at Comic Con International where it was picked up by E1 Entertainment and licensed for cable VOD and broadcast on SHOWTIME. The Panders also create branded entertainment and commercials. Clients include: Panasonic, LG Home Electronics, adidas and Blackberry. They have written and illustrated comic books for Marvel, DC, Oni Press, Image and Dark Horse Comics, including Batman: City Of Light, Grendel: Devil’s Legacy, Accelerate, Secret Broadcast,Tasty Bullet and more. The Pander Brothers have been nominated for the Eisner and Manning awards for groundbreaking artwork in the graphic novel medium. They recently launched their own digital comics brand,Pander Bros. Comics, available through